LC: The First Life of Adamastor

LC: The First Life of Adamastor

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The First Life of Adamastor

The First Life of Adamastorhas it origins in an act of rescue: what, wondered Andre Brink, lay behind fragments of myth that have been handed down about the mountains of the Cape? Adamastor, the Titan whose body, legend has it, formed the rocks of the Peninsula, first appears in European literature in the sixteenth century - much about the time of the first known contact between seagoing European explorers and the natives of Southern Africa. How, Brink asks, would that meeting have looked from the landward side? What role would the visitors take in the mythology of an utterly different culture, with its own deities, its own accumulated story?

Brink, in this extraordinary, moving and potentially explosive creation has unearthed from the sun-carved land itself the missing meanings of a myth that has waited five centuries to be invented.

Author Andre Brink
ISBN 1448113636, 9781448113637
Format Paperback
Pages 144p.